Frequently Asked Questions about Bus Booking bus tickets online with Bus Kiraya


What are the advantages of purchasing a bus ticket with BusKiraya?

  • You can choose your seat.
  • You can book your bus tickets online, by phone, or in person
  • We have a pretty staff
  • You can choose from buses based on boarding points, timing and bus type
  • Don't like the weather? Too hot to handle? Have the ticket at your desk
  • Online booking saves you a lot of time to do other interesting stuff like having a bottle of beer while booking
  • Booking a ticket is faster than making Maggi. It takes less than 2 minutes.
  • See the Incredible !ndia, our operators are spread across 23 states

If you think we can add value in any other way, you can send us your feedback using the form on bottom of our page.

Do I need to register to use BusKiraya?

No. BusKiraya does not require its customers to go through a tedious registration process. But if you take a little pain of registering, we will provide you with offers you will regret refusing

Does booking online cost me more?

Not at all! The price of the bus ticket is the same as you would get from the bus operator or sometimes discounted depending on the season/time. We have a big heart and a bigger pocket.


Is it mandatory to take a printout of the ticket?

Yes. Operators do not support SMS or mails. It is a must to take a printout of the e-ticket and produce it at the time of boarding. The e-ticket is sent to the e-mail ID provided at the time of boarding. *RIP Trees*

I've lost my ticket. What should I do now?

Relax. A copy of the ticket would have been sent to you by e-mail when you booked it. Please take a printout of that mail and produce it at the time of boarding. We expect a busy irresponsible crowd on both the ends and hence if you have not received the ticket e-mail, please call any of our call centers and our executive will re-send you a copy by mail.


I have placed a request. How much time will it take to hear from you now?

ASAP. We will call you on the basis of requests queue and date of journey. In rarest of rare cases, your request will get delayed. In such cases, we look forward to getting phone calls in which the person on the other side abuses us.


Does the owner of the credit card with which the ticket is purchased need to be one of the passengers?

Not at all! A passenger can use any card to pay for the ticket, not necessarily their own. In fact make your friends and family your ATM (Any Time Money) because 1st rule of money says "Never Use Your Own" However, please note that the passenger in whose name the ticket is booked should carry a proof of his identity (along with the ticket) at the time of boarding the bus.

What payment options do I have?

The different payment options are
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Internet banking (Internet enabled online bank account)

Is it safe to use my credit card on this site?

Transactions on BusKiraya are very safe. We believe in "Jo tera hai who mera nahi hai" and hence we employ the best-in-class security and the transactions done are secure.


Can I cancel my ticket online?

Most of the tickets can be cancelled online. However, there are some tickets that can only be cancelled through our call center.

The following is the usual cancellation fee:

Time Frame Cancellation Fee
Upto 1 week before the travel No charge (fully refundable)*
Less than 1 week and upto 3 days before the travel 5% of the total ticket fare*
Less than 3 days and upto 24 hrs before the travel 10% of the total ticket fare*
Less than 24 hrs before departure No refund

*Charges apply according to various operators

However please note that the cancellation fee and cancellation period may differ for specific bus services. Please contact any of our executives for cancellation details on any specific service.

How can I cancel my bus ticket online?

You need to click on the cancellation link provided on our home page. Enter your ticket number and the e-mail ID that was provided at the time of booking and click on cancel ticket.


I missed the bus. Do I get a refund?

Wake up Sid! BusKiraya provides a 100% refund if the bus is missed due to either BusKiraya or its partner company's fault. However, we don't pay for your mistake so if the bus is missed due to any other reason not directly related to BusKiraya no refund is provided.

How can I get a refund in case I cancel my ticket?

The refund is provided as per with our cancellation policy. This refund will be provided in the form of a cash coupon. The cash coupon is a code that can be used against any future bookings with us (within 6 months of cancellation date).

What is a cash coupon?

The cash coupon is an alpha-numeric code that can be used as money while purchasing a ticket through Buskiraya.

I don't want the cash coupon - I want my money back. What do I do?

The cash coupon policy was introduced for convenience to the user so that they don't have to go through the payment procedure all over again. However, if you wish to encash the cash coupon, you can do so by sending us a mail. We will require your cash coupon number, and the bank / card details you used while making a payment the time you transacted. The money will reflect in your card / account within 10 business days.